Dear neighbors,
We are very excited that the committees, for the most part, are up and running. The willingness of homeowners to do the work needed to improve our community has been impressive. From the feedback we have received, there may be some confusion about committee responsibilities and an overlapping of areas being addressed. Below is some information to help clear up any confusion. If you still have questions, please contact the board liaison for your group.
As a general rule, HOA committees assist Board members by addressing specific community issues and tasks, and serving in an advisory role for the benefit of the community. They gather information, assess problems and recommend solutions to the Board. However, the committees do not make decisions. Also, all committee meetings are open to any homeowner that wants to attend.
It is up to the board to make decisions based on the recommendations of the various committees. And although committee members might feel some urgency to implement their ideas, keep in mind that the board will need to consider recommendations from all committees before making decisions. Setting priorities and establishing timelines will be based on the needs of the community.
As a result of the very positive response on the submission of Surveys, the Board is extremely pleased with the number of residents voicing an interest in participating on the various committees. If you did not sign up for a committee but would like to participate, please know YOU ARE WELCOME AND YOUR VOICE IS WANTED. Kindly contact the Chairperson (Liaison if no chairman is yet named) of the committee you wish to serve on and they will let you know the details of the next meeting.
We also recognize that this is a volunteer position. Our hope is that being on a committee will allow homeowners to get to know each other and be a good experience for everyone. We want to thank all committee members for the time and energy you are putting in for the benefit of our community. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Best regards,
Board of Directors
Boca Marina Homeowners’ Association
Below is a list of the committees that have been formed and the purpose of each committee:
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) – Board Liaison: Dennis Silber, Committee members: Dennis Zultowsky, Mary Baker, Phil Bellino
Purpose: The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is a standing committee of people appointed by the HOA Board, who sit in judgment of modifications that owners want to make to their homes. The ACC, is charged by our community’s covenants, conditions and restrictions, the CCRs, with the exclusive task of promulgating and assuring adherence to guidelines in order to maintain aesthetic standards within the community and to preserve values.                                                                              
Long Range Strategic Planning Committee – Board Liaison: TBD,  Committee Chair: TBD
Purpose: Create a long range (5 year) vision for our community in areas such as financial, common areas, reserve funds, landscaping, etc. Assess where the community is currently and develop objectives and goals to determine where the association is going. Contracting a reserve study and periodic follow-ups will be an important role of this committee.
Social / Welcome Committee – Board Liaison: Gloria Silverio,  Committee Chair: Paula Munson
Purpose: The Social/Welcome Committee makes a positive touchpoint with new members in the community by providing welcome baskets to new residents and plans social functions to allow neighbors to get to know one another. 
Landscape Enhancement/Beautification Committee – Board Liaison: Donna Hixson,  Committee Co-Chair: Maxine King and Dennis Zultowsky
Purpose: Suggests and organizes projects for the improvement and beautification of our neighborhood common areas. Examples of projects that might be considered by this committee to enhance our community are landscape, streetlights, mailboxes, fencing, signage, etc.
Governing Documents Revision – Committee Board Liaison: Sonja Reposa,  Committee Chair: TBD
Purpose: Review our community’s governing documents to ensure their continued functionality and eliminate provisions that may have become archaic, work together with the association attorney to review and develop suggested changes as necessary and present proposed changes to the homeowners prior to community ratification.
Infrastructure/Grounds Maintenance Committee – Board Liaison: TBD,  Committee Chair: TBD
Purpose: Conduct periodic reviews of our infrastructure, submitting recommendations to the Board, develop plans for repair and/or improvement as needed, review bids to determine the adequacy and accuracy of work desired to be performed and review annual budget and reserves to plan for renewal and stage of capital spending.